Thursday, March 08, 2007

Well - I have been doing well on the resolutions to eat dark chocolate & drink more red wine. I have been knitting with silk - I am putting together my silk Alchemy pullover Connoisseur in purple. Now it is time to blog. I am going to embrace my computer & use it for fun - computers have been too frustrating lately.

I have gone crazy & put out wild specials for the next 2 months to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. I know some didn't think we would make it. Come on! We have way too much fun!
This week it is all mohair 75% off. Next week - handpainted yarns. After that any and all novelty yarns - we might even get creative as to what exactly that means. Then all single patterns.
April 1 - April Fools Day is the big party!
We are selling chances to win a Serendipity Yarn Fairy to raise money for the Chaffee County Mammography Fund and the Chaffee County Alliance Against Domestic Violence. We are all about the women in our community.
April specials are coming too - still working out the details.
Maybe I am the Fool!