Monday, May 23, 2011

Let the Party Begin

Just a photo of why I won't be blogging for the next few days. Addi Mae Martin and lots of extended family will be having one "BIG" celebration starting the middle of the week. I won't be in the shop for the next few days soooooooo, before I take off I wanted to share a few photos with all my followers.

Maryann and her friends were her taking some much needed time off and enjoying our mountains for a weekend. They are visiting from Philadelphia and stopped by Serendipity before going to the hot springs. She left with some of our new letters spelling out her last name. These are so much fun and now we have them in colored and black and white. Addison has a set in her room-I think it will be my new "go to" wedding gift for sure.

Linda made this sweater for her granddaughter out of the Liberty Wool. We just checked in a shipment of brand new bright colors for the spring. Come by and check them out--I love this wool, it can be thrown in the washer and the pattern support is great. Lots of fun projects to knit.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Serendipity has a Dragon

Our beautiful friend Lucy just finished this scarf. She meets with me on Thursdays for "The Finish Line" and she is learning so much. Lucy can now follow a pattern in English and not need very much help. Lucy has helped me to become a much better instructor, come join us anytime.

We had a dragon visit in Serendipity one afternoon!!! This dragon proves there are many uses for yarn--it doesn't always have to be a knitted wearable item. Thanks Hannah (she is 7) for coming in. Hannah was in a play called the "Dragons Birthday"

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Latte is a very good thing

A story of Serendipity .... and puppy love.

After realizing that their house was just too empty without a dog, Robin and Bill decided to start looking for a new friend at the beginning of April. They signed up with golden retriever rescue, searched all the local animal shelter sites, and contacted breeders they knew. The home visit from golden retriever rescue put them on the official list....yeah, they passed! After requesting to meet a few of the dogs, they were finally offered an adoption possibility but with a heavy heart Robin turned the dog down, turned out she (the dog, not Robin) had some real social problems.

At that moment two Mondays ago, Sally Anderson walked into Serendipity. "How are you," she said to Robin. "Okay," Robin replied. "You don't sound okay," replied Sally. And Robin told her the story of Daisy the golden she had just opted not to meet. And miracle of miracles Sally's response was..."My daughter raises goldens in Salida and she has some pups. Let me call her." And so, a wonderful story condensed, Latte is now part of Robin and Bill's family.

Wonderful connections are made at Serendipity.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

One Lady Bug is leaving town

Marsha Rose of Gunnison drove over in the snow yesterday to take her spinning class with Janet. Marsha has been knitting off and on for 50 years. She has worked with most any craft that involves string. Right now she is knitting toward becoming a master hand knitter-level one. I think she might take a little time off from that as she learns to spin on her new Lady Bug.

She like to knit lace and challenging patterns. She will be no doubt making some yarn for these projects soon. She picked up the art of spinning fiber into wool quickly. Marsha's favorite color is purple and a sprinkle of green once in a while. Getting out of her comfort "colors" has been a little hard so we sent her home with some purple alpaca to spin.

Marsha loves her family and they have 2 pets-Ivy the cat and Luna the dog. She spends her spare time knitting and working on her I-pad and computer. She will be watching some U-Tube videos on spinning for sure.

Have fun spinning Marsha and we hope to see you soon.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Can I just say

The "Knit Wits"
Can I just say how much fun a Saturday at Serendipity can be. Just when I think I can't pack any more fun in a day a group like this shows up. The "Knit Wits" from Colorado Springs drove up to spend a morning with us. They were a delight to have around and I was inspired to knit some new items after seeing some of the sweaters they had on.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Helper Monkey's have arrived

Doesn't this just look like spring--we are all awaiting some warmer weather here in Buena Vista. It is not coming quick enough for me so I enjoy looking at all these bright colors. These little bunnies are really cute.
Twisted Angelina started hanging out with Clyde, Darby, Nikki, and lots of other helper monkey's. Two of these are getting ready to take a trip out to California with the U.S. Postal Service in the morning.
Mary Grace was attacked by the Helper Monkey's today. She walked all around the store with Darby and Ruby hanging off her legs. Thanks MG for playing with Joan and myself today. There may be a career in modeling for you someday.
Here is a pile of bright colors and cute Cuties. I would of never thought monkey's could be this much fun.