Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Helper Monkey's have arrived

Doesn't this just look like spring--we are all awaiting some warmer weather here in Buena Vista. It is not coming quick enough for me so I enjoy looking at all these bright colors. These little bunnies are really cute.
Twisted Angelina started hanging out with Clyde, Darby, Nikki, and lots of other helper monkey's. Two of these are getting ready to take a trip out to California with the U.S. Postal Service in the morning.
Mary Grace was attacked by the Helper Monkey's today. She walked all around the store with Darby and Ruby hanging off her legs. Thanks MG for playing with Joan and myself today. There may be a career in modeling for you someday.
Here is a pile of bright colors and cute Cuties. I would of never thought monkey's could be this much fun.

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calistalee said...

These are so cute! Mary Grace looks like she had a great time! Keenan will love these :-}