Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Latte is a very good thing

A story of Serendipity .... and puppy love.

After realizing that their house was just too empty without a dog, Robin and Bill decided to start looking for a new friend at the beginning of April. They signed up with golden retriever rescue, searched all the local animal shelter sites, and contacted breeders they knew. The home visit from golden retriever rescue put them on the official list....yeah, they passed! After requesting to meet a few of the dogs, they were finally offered an adoption possibility but with a heavy heart Robin turned the dog down, turned out she (the dog, not Robin) had some real social problems.

At that moment two Mondays ago, Sally Anderson walked into Serendipity. "How are you," she said to Robin. "Okay," Robin replied. "You don't sound okay," replied Sally. And Robin told her the story of Daisy the golden she had just opted not to meet. And miracle of miracles Sally's response was..."My daughter raises goldens in Salida and she has some pups. Let me call her." And so, a wonderful story condensed, Latte is now part of Robin and Bill's family.

Wonderful connections are made at Serendipity.

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