Monday, May 23, 2011

Let the Party Begin

Just a photo of why I won't be blogging for the next few days. Addi Mae Martin and lots of extended family will be having one "BIG" celebration starting the middle of the week. I won't be in the shop for the next few days soooooooo, before I take off I wanted to share a few photos with all my followers.

Maryann and her friends were her taking some much needed time off and enjoying our mountains for a weekend. They are visiting from Philadelphia and stopped by Serendipity before going to the hot springs. She left with some of our new letters spelling out her last name. These are so much fun and now we have them in colored and black and white. Addison has a set in her room-I think it will be my new "go to" wedding gift for sure.

Linda made this sweater for her granddaughter out of the Liberty Wool. We just checked in a shipment of brand new bright colors for the spring. Come by and check them out--I love this wool, it can be thrown in the washer and the pattern support is great. Lots of fun projects to knit.

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