Thursday, May 12, 2011

One Lady Bug is leaving town

Marsha Rose of Gunnison drove over in the snow yesterday to take her spinning class with Janet. Marsha has been knitting off and on for 50 years. She has worked with most any craft that involves string. Right now she is knitting toward becoming a master hand knitter-level one. I think she might take a little time off from that as she learns to spin on her new Lady Bug.

She like to knit lace and challenging patterns. She will be no doubt making some yarn for these projects soon. She picked up the art of spinning fiber into wool quickly. Marsha's favorite color is purple and a sprinkle of green once in a while. Getting out of her comfort "colors" has been a little hard so we sent her home with some purple alpaca to spin.

Marsha loves her family and they have 2 pets-Ivy the cat and Luna the dog. She spends her spare time knitting and working on her I-pad and computer. She will be watching some U-Tube videos on spinning for sure.

Have fun spinning Marsha and we hope to see you soon.

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ivyrose said...

I had a fabulous time with you all yesterday. I actually spun a small amount of yarn after I got home last night! Loved meeting you all and I hope to come over soon to spin and/or knit and meet some other area yarnistas, Thanks for a really fun afternoon.