Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oh, to knit like Bobbie

Bobbie was in picking up a few more skeins of yarns to work on her Christmas knitting one morning. She had not mailed her sweater yet. :)  I am very fortunate to see this in person.  My photos don't even begin to do it justice.  Her daughter is going to love it.
Bobbie has been knitting the Ishbel for her Christmas gifts.  This one is out of Noro.  It is a quick knit and must be very fun for Bobbie.  She's picked up yarn for a number of them.  I wish I could get photos of them all.  Does any one out there want to cast on and Ishbel with me???  I will knit another for sure, just let me know.
 Fleece and Fiber day is fast approaching!!  I am very excited for Deb and Liz to spend part of the day with our customers.  Bring your book and Deb will be happy to sign it for you.  There will be lots of talk about fiber and spinning demonstration on November 5th from 1 to 4 in the afternoon.  See you then.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quaken Aspen finished

 I removed the Quaking Aspen KAL (designed by Courtney Kelley, Kelbourne Woolens) project off the blocking wires tonight.  Now I am wearing it as I knit a bit and work on some blogging.  I love it, oh yes, this Acacia fiber is so great to work with.  Come in the store and just carry a skein around.  I even have enough left to work a hat up. 

 Fun, fun knit.  I might not wrap this one up for holiday giving.  It just might be a gift to myself.

Monday, October 17, 2011

You can't make just one

 Saturday Jody held her second workshop with these lovely ladies.  They are all planning another one of these fun quick knits.  There was lots of chatter about making them as gifts for others.  You can knit one in about 2 hours I bet. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

We have bees in our bonnets

 Last night just before closing a gal came in wanting to knit something quick for her grandchildren.  Needless to say Joan and I got caught up in the frenzy!  We said  "Let's knit some hat for our grandchildren too."  Joan got the short end of the stick as she has a few more grandchildren than I.  One of mine can't wear wool or other fibers.  Don't worry he will get his goodies in a package--it is orange also but in the shape of a Hot Wheel car.
Joan can knock out hats quicker than anyone I know.  She has her new grandson's finished and I am sure will have the other boys done by the am.  They are so much fun to knit we think we will do our next workshop on a snowman hat.  Keep that in mind.  I will kit it up so you will have all the supplies,  be looking for dates and your kits.  This was so much fun.  Addi will look cute as ever,  I think I even want one.
 Here is another quick knit.  It's she just the cutest little hippo.  Sue also knit her up in one night and maybe part of another day.  Sue is a very fast knitter, this little lady makes me want to cast on a animal.  Hmmmmm, that might be a good way to use up some ends of skeins.  Any one want to join me in knitting a little animal a month.  It could be fun.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

October Knit Along

We are getting ready to start this KAL--be watching for more information on the blog, facebook, and Ravelry.  I can't wait to get started.

I love the smell of sheep

 My new friend Mary whom helped us all with our spinning.  She helped Becky so much that she owns that wheel she is learning to spin on.  Becky welcome to a new world of fiber.  You will never go back. 

 My dad is a retired sheep shearer.  It was fun to watch these little guys get hair cuts and remember when I was the wool stomper.  That meant standing in the bottom of a 10 foot bag tromping on the fleeces until I could climb out.  Those wool bags weights 400 pounds (I think) when I was done.  Dad I wish I would of paid more attention to all your fiber knowledge--I am learning it now.

These little guys were so cute I just had to take a picture.  Now to look at all my fiber purchases and get started on what I want to spin.  It was a great weekend in Taos.  Can't wait till next year.