Monday, August 30, 2010

What fun we had with a marvelous knitter who drove over from Westcliffe.  She was so elated to finally find us. I am in hopes she will be bringing her knitting friends back to visit us. Lots of time was spent in the store and she found two balls of Prism Lace Yarn which had 1450 yards a ball. It did take some time to get it wound.  Thanks for being patient, Paula.
Toni's latest knit!  Come by the store and view this masterpiece. You might want to pick up some Noro and make one for yourself. All these ladies were at Saturday morning knitting.  If you were not there you missed a great time.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Did you see that Scottish Coooow?

Joan was busy all day moving and rearranging items in our displays today--she and I both saw things we didn't even know were in the store. We were visited by some wonderful ladies all day and it was delightful. We did find a little time to play in the new kids corner. My grand baby "Speed bump" will be arriving in January :) Some Debbie Bliss yarn and a pattern are sitting on the counter to make her a cardigan. Photos to come.
Those of us who have grand babies here at the store love all our stuffed animals. I can't believe how soft and cute they are. While Tami was in her office (working) Joan and I grabbed this Scottish Cow and Tami's bike and headed outside for a photo op. You know you live in a small town when people you know are peddling by on their bike laughing at us and calling us by our names. We love BV.

This cow needs a name for sure, any ideas????

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lost Your Mittens????

I have chosen my next project and guess what??? It is not a sweater, I do know I need and want to be able to read my knitting when doing lace. It will be a challenge to this knitter and I have to admit I welcome them. I do wear my mistakes like a badge in the items I have knit because it is part of the project and the new techniques I learn. When I wear my green cable sweater just ask me and I will tell you a little story about someone very special to me. I am sure you all have items you have been knitting and can remember specific things that were going on in your life while working your way through life one stitch at a time. We just received all this new sock yarn which will be just what I need to knit along with Laura when she starts the lace shawl knit along in October. Now to pick a color, that should not be to time consuming I would hope.
I love this lace weight yarn from Prism and am going to pick my two colors tomorrow (only if I get all the notions put up) to knit this wrap. There is a beautiful jacket that Toni is knitting out of this yarn also, we hope to see that on her needles very soon. Maybe this week at Saturday morning knitting she will have it started. Stop by the store from 10:00 to noon, and join our community of knitters. Fun will be had by all for sure.

Jeanette got the "Pick of the litter" when Pat stopped by with these mittens her sister is making out of recycled sweaters. Joan and I are still trying to decide which one's will go home with us.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

More sock knitting going on

These two lovely ladies came by to show us their socks they are knitting for the Summer Sock contest. They also picked up a few more skeins of sock yarn - they have been bitten by the sock bug.

All the ladies at Seredipity have been asking the question??? What should I knit out of that new yarn that we just unpacked? Debra just unpacked some Rowan yarn. Check it out: If you are an Amy Butler fan (she is a fabric designer/quilter), This yarn by Amy is called Belle Organic and comes in DK and Aran weight, the yarn is a 50% organic wool/50% organic cotton blend. Yum

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What's Clicking on the needles @ Serendipity

I am drawing my energy from all the beauty that surrounds me. There were beautiful people in the store all day and lots of color everywhere. My eyes never get tired of looking at all the yarn so the strength I gain from being surrounded by all of this greatness keeps me clicking right along. I am knitting some "Chugiak" hand dyed sock yarn from Pagewood Farm. At this time in my life with so much to learn I need a very simple knit, a 22.5 Degrees Shawl will fit the bill. I love the colors in this yarn, it is called Maple Leaf. They are talking snow in Leadville tonight and we all know that means shawl and jacket season is arriving soon.

I had the pleasure of working with me good friend Joan today and she is knitting a "Amherst" cardigan which she purchased two buttons for today. I might be correct in saying this is her first sweater attempt and Classic Elite Worsted in royal blue is going to look perfect on her. I will post pictures when she is wearing this beauty.

Tami is working on her 3rd giant Granny Square afghan. This on is out of some Zauberball. Her dad is going to enjoy this gift for sure. Oh, I do hope that was not supposed to be a surprise. Lots of fun stuff happening at the shop, new yarns in today which will go out soon. We also have spent a couple days getting the fiber moved down to the spinning room. Come on by--more photos to come. Until next time Keep Knitting--it will make you Happy, Happy, Happy

Monday, August 16, 2010

Long 5 weeks

I am finally getting to start at Serendipity in the morning!!! I hope you are all catching some of my excitement and how I will be looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Getting to work at this shop fulfills 3 things I am passionate about - COLOR, TEXTURE, and getting to CREATE but the most important thing is PEOPLE!  I have waited 5 weeks to be with my friends while finishing up my other job - see you all soon.

This a pattern from the Crochet class we will be offering in the fall. Debra is an expert and has developed this beautiful creation. If you already know the art of crochet, this pattern is available for purchase at Serendipity. I also love the new shawl pins that are arriving in the shop.

Here is the sampler that I knit out of one ball of Ty-DY- Wool from Knit One Crochet too. The pattern is free with purchase. This was a very quick knit plus there are a number of different colors to choose from.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

LOVE LOVE LOVE pink socks

Ruth Pelino just finished these "Girly Girl" socks and it makes me want to cast on a new pair for sure. Ruth is participating in our knit summer socks contest and is hoping to win a great prize from Serendipity.
There is new Spud and Chloe sock yarn that I am going to be bringing home because of the gorgeous colors. If you have not been in the store for a while please drop in. We have lots of new colorful yarns to show you.
Our new sock yarns will be just what you need to join us in October for a lace knit-along hosted by none other than our Laura Deer. She has converted all of us non lace knitters. I am even going to get out my Addi Lace needles and join along.  We are hoping the new Addi Lace Clicks will be here soon!
Remember "knitting keeps you happy"!
Your knitting buddy,

Monday, August 02, 2010

New Frog Tree is coming

Liz, our rep from Frog Tree, Pagewood Farms, Annie Adams, Jul and Fibre Company spent most of the day with us here in Buena Vista. There will be new washable Meriboo and the Seamless Short Sweater pattern shown above arriving at our locale along with 24 exciting colors of Picaboo sock yarn and patterns. We are already dreaming up new ideas to knit with these beautiful fibers.  We are also looking forward to some lovely yarns from Pagewood and shawl pin, buttons and more from Annie Adams!

Debra finished this lace shawl with the Kauni yarn. Debra and I spent some time today visiting about the crochet classes she will be teaching this fall. The Serendipity staff is comprised of talented knitters and crocheters who will be teaching a variety of classes - more info to come on classes soon.

I know it rained cats and dogs today and is warm enough for short pants and tee shirts but Mr Claus and his elf helper stopped by for a short while. We have patterns for these now so you can knit your own Mr. Clause and elf. The Christmas stocking are coming in kits or you can purchase one of two patterns with 3 different stockings in each. These are designed by Arnhild Hillesland. She hails from Norway and owns Arnhild's Knitting Studio in Iowa. We also have her translation of Selbustrikk - Mittens, Gloves, Socks, Knee Highs, Hats, Scarves. A Collection of Traditional Selbu knits by Rauma Ullvarefabrikk.

Here is my finished circular shrug in Berroco's new yarn Weekender. There are still a number of colors for you to choose from. I enjoyed knitting this for very special lady who just happens to be my favorite daughter!! Tomorrow while working I will be looking at all the new yarns to pick my next project. With so many new books and yarns arriving daily I am having lots of trouble deciding (as I said earlier ). Come by and have a cup of coffee with us. See you soon, Mikki