Friday, August 27, 2010

Did you see that Scottish Coooow?

Joan was busy all day moving and rearranging items in our displays today--she and I both saw things we didn't even know were in the store. We were visited by some wonderful ladies all day and it was delightful. We did find a little time to play in the new kids corner. My grand baby "Speed bump" will be arriving in January :) Some Debbie Bliss yarn and a pattern are sitting on the counter to make her a cardigan. Photos to come.
Those of us who have grand babies here at the store love all our stuffed animals. I can't believe how soft and cute they are. While Tami was in her office (working) Joan and I grabbed this Scottish Cow and Tami's bike and headed outside for a photo op. You know you live in a small town when people you know are peddling by on their bike laughing at us and calling us by our names. We love BV.

This cow needs a name for sure, any ideas????


calistalee said...

Let's see...Dougal, Fergus, Gordon, Murdoch, or Oscar, if the wee coo is a boy. And if it's a girl, then maybe Bridie, Fiona, Elspeth, or Iona.

Anonymous said...

Try Highland "fling " or "raskal" Fair as in "Dancing at the rascal fair" then there is always "Mcklintoc"shurley it looks to be a boy coww.

Anonymous said...

Let's call the cow, "Roger". L.