Monday, November 29, 2010

Linda is our artist of the week

What inspired you to knit this project?
I was watching Mikki knit a beautiful green cabled sweater, and she kept telling me I could knit cables. She told me it would be fun and easy once I got started. So- I bought the yarn, a pattern book and started. The Knotty Knitters were very helpful and encouraging every Saturday while knitting on my sweater.

Tell us how you became so crafty?
My mother was and I learned many crafts from her.

What other art forms do you do?
Paint with watercolors, draw, and I am also learning to spin with a hand spindle

Tell us your favorite pastime here in these mountains

Linda is very active so her list is long. We love hearing her adventures. She loves: cycling, riding her horses & pack trips, hiking, and training sled dogs with her husband. Linda is outdoors anytime of year. Oh I also know she is quite the fly fisherman.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Fun knit for this Nana

I just want to let you all know this was one of the funnest knits I have done in quite some time. I couldn't put it down and it only took around 1 week of knitting for me to finish up. While family was viewing football and taking naps after eatting turkey I finished Speedbumps Phoebe Sweater to go along with her book. When the author comes to Serendipity next Saturday I will have her book signed just for her. This Ella Rae chunky really does wash and dry nicely. If you are around town come in tomorrow for our candy cane sale--our customers received some great savings today plus it was great fun.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Knit Along Completed

Janet finished her knit along project and was proudly wearing it when she arrived at Saturday morning knitting. Laura, the designer also finished hers. I am on my second ball of yarn and am working along toward the finishing of my scarf. Lots of others are close to the finish line with their KAL also. Laura is already thinking of ideas for our January Blues KAL. I shopped for some blue and purple colors to knit mine.
Can I just say I love KAL's--they make me finish projects and I love getting to knit them along with others.

We have a new trunk show in the store, it is the Christel-Seyfarth kits. Tami has one casted on the needles. They are amazing to say the least. Come in and sneak a peek. Maybe a good item to put on your wish list for Christmas.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Knit # 5

Here is knit # 5 out of Whimsical Little Knits--it is the Icing Swirl Hat. I used the new Chunky Mochi yarn. I also have some of the mini Mochi in my stash now. There are some great colors to choose from and I loved the feel of knitting with this yarn.
Ok, this was just to cute to resist taking photos of. Mary Grace came in and modeled the Phoebe"s sweater we had in the store. I say had because MG will be getting this sweater and the little Phoebe doll for a gift soon. It caused me to cast on mine for Speedbump. My Screech Owl mitts are almost done, had to rip back a long way because I forgot 2 rows of purl stitches right in the beginning. Lots of fun new goodies in the store, come by to see us soon.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Phoebe's in the house

Merriment is how this little "Cutie Pie" makes me feel. Knitting her was so much fun and I want to knit another soon. The illustrations in the book are remarkable plus it is a cute story about knitting a sweater. Sue knitted her Phoebe and she is visiting the yarn store for a time.
Come by and see them or drop by on the 4th of December
and have your book signed by the author Joanna Johnson.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Artist of the Week

Ann is our artist of the week---She has been working on this wonderful vest and it has been fun to see it take shape and be ready to wear on the first cold day.

What inspired you to knit your project??
I love to buy yarn when I travel, and I especially look for yarn that is local to the area. I found this yarn in Fredericksburg TX. The vest just seemed to be what the yarn wanted to do.
What kinds of crafts do you do?
Mostly just knit, although one of current projects is a crocheted afghan.
How did you learn to be so crafty?
My sister decided to teach herself to crochet during one summer visit at our grandparents house in Iowa. I followed suit and knitting was the next logical step. I'm totally enamored with the variety of color, weight and texture that knitting offers.
Thanks Ann for being our artist of the week---knit on.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

A new Twist

I recently had the pleasure of learning to make my own fiber--Janet Yinger is a wonderful instructor. Tami gifted me this top whirl spindle, Laura gave me the remainder of the tools need to make my yarn. I now have enough fiber made to start a pair of fingerless gloves. Photos of those to follow soon.
The weather has been nice enough here in BV to take our 3:00 o'clock spinning break out in the yard. I aspire to make my fiber look like Tami's some day. We have some new roving in our spinning room to drool over. What color should I choose, I am becoming very fond of purple. Two years ago I told my knitting friends I will never wear purple. Be careful what you say!! Until next time.