Monday, November 29, 2010

Linda is our artist of the week

What inspired you to knit this project?
I was watching Mikki knit a beautiful green cabled sweater, and she kept telling me I could knit cables. She told me it would be fun and easy once I got started. So- I bought the yarn, a pattern book and started. The Knotty Knitters were very helpful and encouraging every Saturday while knitting on my sweater.

Tell us how you became so crafty?
My mother was and I learned many crafts from her.

What other art forms do you do?
Paint with watercolors, draw, and I am also learning to spin with a hand spindle

Tell us your favorite pastime here in these mountains

Linda is very active so her list is long. We love hearing her adventures. She loves: cycling, riding her horses & pack trips, hiking, and training sled dogs with her husband. Linda is outdoors anytime of year. Oh I also know she is quite the fly fisherman.

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