Saturday, September 02, 2006

These are some of our Serendipity Balls created by our very own Jessie Readmond! You never know what is coming but we can assure you it will be an unexpected pleasure........

I did get a chance to do a workshop with Cat Bordhi in Denver at the TNNA Retailer's retreat. Besides being incredibly creative, Cat was so much fun! Everybody had their own take on the moebius - felted purses, non-felted purses, felted bowls & of course, scarves. I did a felted purse out of some Blackwater Abbey yarn I had purchased from Marilyn King.

Our favorite little girl dress knitted by one of our favorite Kansans - Jenni Smith - from the Filatura Baby Too book & knitted with Bon Bon & Zarella.
Netty's first Moebius! Out of Silk Garden - just 2 skeins.....
We all want one

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Here is a little picture book my dad put together of the store from their visit here last week. My mom took the pictures. They were very patiently hanging out while I worked :)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Nashua Kimono Wrap Jacket in Creative Focus Chunky & Tahki Baby. Knitted by Sandee Jaastad. Sandee knits for ou store & teaches classes. She is also an accomplished spinner & weaver. The closure is glass from Moving Mud.
'Rose' is wearing some of our knitted wonders - a tank from last summers Rebecca magazine, skirt from the winter Vogue knitting magazine, a Feza shawl & a fur collar. She is very eclectic in her tastes.
Our Kids' Class knitting outside on our sidewalk. They have done an amazing job & Angie Tingle is an amazing teacher!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Noro Aurora cardigan
OK - how fun is this yarn - just enougn sparkle - just enough color - what more could a girl want?

Madly working on getting out the newsletter. Jessie has done an amazing job of putting together our first one! Hopefully it will go out this week - maybe Sat :) So many addresses to enter, so much news to report...... Patti is writing patterns for Mountain Colors..........more classes yarns arriving - Noro, Classic Elite, Rowan, Tahki, Muench (more colors in Touch Me), more colors in Lonesome Stone.........I could go on..........
If I don't have your address - email me at
Also add your birthdate if you want to join the birthday club

BTW did you notice the knitting on Grey's Anatomy? Therapy, dexterity, just so cool. Of course - a sweater in just one day? come on - even Patti can't do that

Woohoo! I have been finishing projects that have been hanging around for quite a long time! Last night I completed the Mountain Colors vest that I started about 2 years ago.......... First I didn't mix the 2 skeins I needed so when the first ran out they didn't really match up so - ripping out happened, then I got halfway up one side & realized I hadn't decreased after the ribbing - more ripping out (this was my disasters in knitting phase). Then I started planning the store & couldn't get a Mountain Colors account. No more motivation was left. 'Then' I got an account late last fall & have been carrying this project around in my bag since. Wedding, Christmas, surgery and taxes later I have finally finished it. I do feel a sense of accomplishment. Now onto bigger & better projects. Finshing a Noro Hannah Moss Stitch Cardigan in the Aurora that just came in to the store last week and maybe another Noro project - Susan - the wrapover in the same Noro book. It is definitely snowing here today so I can justify more projects in wool.

Wow! It's been an amazing year! We had our one year anniversary party last Sat - April Fools Day, of course! It was quite a celebration - with champagne, snacks, sales, & lots of friends dropping by. I have the best customers in the world! We are looking forward to more fun, projects, classes, gifts, and great community in the years to come.

Monday, March 20, 2006

April 18 & 25
Sherry Robinson

Knitting Cables Without a Cable Needle

In this class you’ll knit a hat, first the sides and then the crown. The cabled sides are knit as a flat rectangular panel that is joined at the ends to form a circle. The crown stitches are then picked up along one side of the now-circular panel and knit in the round.

Note: The rectangular panel for the hat sides can be knit with either straight needles or a 16” circular needle (the straights are easier). The crown is knit with a 16” circular needle, then with a 40” circular needle (you can use double points instead of the 40” if you are not familiar with the “Magic Loop” method).

Skills: Students must know how to cast on, knit, purl and bind off

Text: Cable Needle Freedom by Carole Wulster (the pattern for your hat is in this little booklet).

Supplies: You will be knitting a hat, for which you will need:
Yarn: approx. 250 yards of light to medium colored, non-slippery, smooth yarn in worsted weight
Straight needles, size 7 or 8 (see Note above)
16” circular needle, size 7 or 8 (see Note above)
Either double pointed needles or a 40” long circular needle in same size as 16” needle
Standard Knitting Supplies: Stitch markers, yellow stickie for keeping track of your row on the chart, blunt and sharp-tip darning needles, pen/pencil & notepad, etc.

Skills to learn –
Knitting cables without a cable needle, reading a chart, mattress stitch, pick up and knit, 2 types of decreases.
You’ll learn how to make a hat in 2 steps, sides and crown, so you can mix and match sides and crowns for any future hats.

Homework: none
April 6 1-3 pm
Sherry Robinson

Knit A Magical Moebius

Learn Cat Bordhi’s magical way to cast on and knit a moebius scarf in one continuous shape, with only one edge and no seams what so ever. Does it sound mysterious? Discover how to do this for yourself.

Note: After you cast on and knit the first round, the rest of the scarf is simply knitting – even though, because of the magical nature of the cast on, the finished scarf will appear to be half stockinette and half reverse stockinette.

Skills: Students must know how to knit

Text: A Treasury of Magical Knitting by Cat Bordhi

Supplies: You will be knitting a Moebius scarf, for which you will need:

Yarn: approximately 245 yards of a yarn that will drape nicely (1 skein of Mountain Colors Merino Ribbon yarn knit on size 10 needles will give you a scarf approximately 11” wide and 45” around). The actual amount of yarn your scarf will use will depend on how long and wide you want it to be, and what your gauge is. This scarf will roll on the edge so you will want to knit it wider to accommodate the roll.

Needles: one 60” long circular needle in size to get the gauge you want (see Homework). Hint: A looser knit gives more drape than a tight knit.

Standard Knitting Supplies: Just your yarn, needle and either a crochet hook or blunt tip darning needle for weaving in your 2 ends.

Skills & techniques:
*Cat’s method for casting on and knitting the first round of a Moebius scarf
*A very elastic bind off

Homework: Before you come to class you need to choose your drapey yarn, decide how long you want your scarf to be, and knit a gauge swatch that gives you the texture and feel you want in your finished scarf. Your gauge will determine how many stitches you’ll cast on so count carefully. (You can knit your gauge swatch on a shorter needle than the 60” you’ll knit your scarf on.)