Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Youngest Knitter ever to come to Saturday Morning Knitting

Look who came to Saturday Morning Knitting and hung out with all the wonderful ladies this morning. Addi Mae Martin tested this yarn out for softness, as you can see below it passed the test. She took a little snooze.

Laure showing off her latest gift from Serendipity. She is the proud winner of the Fraiser Fur Gift basket that we gave away last month.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

She Said--I think I could use a class

After Twisted Angelina's first try at knitting she decided she should move on to a new department until she had further instruction. She pushed her way past all the boxes that engulfed Tami's office to assist in unpacking some new fun note pads. After Tami's finished her computer work they were ready for Joan to put out for all of you to see. From atop the pile of boxes Twisted Angelina was giving Tami encouragement to hurry up so the three very large boxes of new yarn could be put out as soon as possible. Tami will be up half the night getting all the yarns entered and Mikki and Joan will be busting it up and down the stairs so you all can have some new yarns to look at. Come in and see our progress.
This is Twisted Angelina's first attempt at making a mobius out of the new Malabrigo chunky yarn that just arrived. As you can see like some first time knitters she was not at all relaxed and had yarn tangled, needles thrown around, and some stitches that didn't really look like the instructors. With a little encouragement she as signed up for some of our upcoming classes that will be offered very soon. If you would like to take a class with TA be watching our web sight and news letters. We have some really great instructors with lots of knowledge to assist you in learning a new technique.
Here is the mobius I knit in one night of TV watching. There will be a class and I am sweet talking Twisted into getting her needles and yarn and give it one more try. Hope to see some of you there also.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Knitter

Jodi is taking the beginning top down sweater class with Robin. She is doing amazing and I can't wait to see her sweater on. She chose the Fez yarn which has a bit of camel in it. It is a dark grey color which will be great on her. We all love having Jodi in the shop and I for one have been amazed at how fast her skills have progressed. We were suppose to have coffee in the morning but Jodi had a mishap with her steps and has gotten a bit banged up. We will miss you Jodi and look forward to seeing you again very soon. The Serendipity Diva's send good thoughts your way.
Look how great her stitches are-way to go girl.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Have you ever met Twisted Angelina??? For years she has been the resident yarn Fairy and mascot at Serendipity, keeping a watchful eye on all of our wonderful products. Get ready for some changes--In her new role as full-fledged Yarn Diva, Twisted Angelina will have first-crack at checking out our new shipments. She promises to do a little field testing and pass along her findings to you.
Just so you have been informed, she will not longer be sitting around all of the time, Twisted is getting into the action here at Serendipity. It has been rumored that she is a yarn sniffer. More to come soon

Friday, February 18, 2011

It's going to be an event-full year!

Christy and Tami picking out some luscious yarns--Rowan knocked it out of the park this year. Be ready to be amazed.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another great day at work :)

Robin spinning some llama samples Kathy gifted us.
One great thing I learned how to do today was ply without a lazy kate, everyone was glad to learn this technique.
Ann and Kathy doing a little carding to get ready to make some llama into a bit of yarn.
Thanks Kathy for having all of us in your home, you are one special instructor.
Where have all the spinners gone? To eat lunch. If you ever get the chance to take one of Kathy Brights classes be sure and get signed up. I learned a wealth of information about spinning and came home with some all natural alpaca to keep improving my skills.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One reason why I love where I work

the number one reason I love where I work people. For years I thought I was an introvert--well guess what I am not. Having all these beautiful women come into the shop the past few days has been spectacular. I can't begin to describe how much it delights my heart to have a room full of people who love one of the things I am passionate about. (Fiber) Thanks Summit County knitters for spending time with us at Serendipity. Hope to see you again soon

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fun & More Fun at Serendipity

These are was fun buttons to wear or give to other people with fiber additions. I have started my collection to pin on my new project bag.
It warmed up so people are out and about- it was a treat to have Terry and Annie drive up from Florissant, CO. They best be ready for our team from Serendipity to come and visit their alpaca operation.
Meg Swanson’s A Gathering of Lace if you wish to make one of these
Ann Johnson made this gift of love for a friend. It is very special and the Fez yarn did the trick. We would love for you all to bring in your finished projects so we can see what you all have been creating.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday as my relaxing day off

I spent the day doing just what I wanted (well, I didn't want to mop the floor) so I did almost everything I wanted. Got in a good 3 mile walk at is was not freezing, started spinning and trying to learn the long draw method. I may be getting it, plus knitting on my hand spun. I am making a mobius in the seed stitch. It is my favorite stitch, which I know some of you knitters detest that stitch. It won't be bad in a scarf. Have a great day and keep on knitting.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Guess Who is Coming to Serendipity

Oh yes, I did a happy dance when Tami sent me a text today to tell me it has shipped. I have been awaiting this yarn with visions of patterns floating in my brain. We have all been asking Jerry "our friendly UPS man" every day, are they big boxes of Malabrigo Yarn. I hope you are all as excited at we are at Serendipity.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New colors are everywhere.

Pear Tree-worsted weight (oh so soft) yarn from the land down under. I can not believe that merino sheep can be this soft.
Shibui yarns are great for lace and socks to name a few items you can knit. I am thinking Tami's new granddaughter will need a sweater for a gift. We have some really fun Church mouse patterns to choose from.

After staying late to spin a bit I slipped into Tami's office to see her putting the finishing touches on an order to Madeline Tosh. Now I am not sure which colors she chose but I never worry with her taste. She has a great eye for color. I know one thing I can tell you, there will be the DK weight along with some other new weights of Madeline Tosh. I love that it is 100% super wash merino wool with a good amount of yardage and some very good colors. I will be planning a new project for sure.

We have a number of other new items in the store, come by and check us out.

Keep on Knitting,

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Candy Wrapper Cowls are flying off the needles

Joan just finished her Candy Wrapper Cowl so I ran outside in the snow storm and snapped a shot before she put it in the mail to her daughter. If you want to knit a project quick and have lots of fun doing it this is for you. Joan is starting her second one and I usually don't knit projects more than once, but this one may be on the needles again soon.
Come see this new yarn, Shibui, there is some baby alpaca that I love. For some reason after spinning some alpaca I have become very fond of it. As soon as the snow melts and it warms up I plan to visit an alpaca farm.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

It never ends

I brought home some BFL today to now I am studying sheep breeds. These are blue face Leicesters and the fibers are very long. For those of you who don't know, I grew up on a ranch in SE Colorado and I didn't spend allot of time in the sheep pens. I tended to love the horse and cattle operations--but now it is a different story. Do I ever want to own sheep and raise my own wool, NEVER. But I do love reading and learning about the different breeds of sheep and the fibers they provide me to spin. One thing I do know is I never want to stop learning and all of this is very much a challenge I am ready to accept. Off to spin some BFL--until next time.
Look how cute these little guys are and then they grown up into this!!

Friday, February 04, 2011

Knitting groups make my day

These are just a few of the lovely ladies that graced our doors today--they are here on a knitting retreat from Conifer Colorado. They have lots of great ideas for making new yarn projects and Betty (on the left) helped me with my spinning. Dianna also assisted but I she got away before I could get a photo.
I just have to set the twist and I will be casting on. I purchased some BFL (blue face luster) today as all the retreat ladies were getting hanks to spin. We will see how I do--photos to follow. Oh, Joan and I are knitting the Candy Wrapper Cowls and this is mine. I wore it today most of the day, it is still COLD.From this to yarn!!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Our Spinning Group

Candy corn 2-ply alpaca yarn on my soon to be mine Ashford Wheel
I am not sure if the ball of yarn Tami is spinning from is big enough!! I have a 4 ounce braid of that fiber which I am excited to spin. My Candy Corn yarn should be ready to go on some needles by the end of the week. Any ideas on what I should knit-there is not loads of it but I can't believe made that. So much fun always learning something new for sure.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Spinning our wheels

We were spinning tonight at Serendipity even though it was bitter cold outside. Today while unpacking some boxes there ware 4ounce braids from Pico Accuardi, the wool was died with indigo. If you are interested in spinning with us, we are staying open late on the first Wed. of every month from 5 to 7. I purchased my kit from Pico Acchardi, and will be spinning up my fiber. A new fiber and directions for how to spin it into yarn will be arriving at the shop every 2 months. We have a couple starter kits left--come pick yours up and get your wheels to spinning. Valentines day is right around the corner, maybe someone will put a bug in my best friends ear to let him know there is a wheel at Serendipity with my name on it!!

We have a special give away going on in the store so come in and see what that is all about. Oh, I could not believe it when our charity knitters walked in this morning it was not even above 0 yet. The baby hats and blanket pile is growing larger every Wed.