Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Get Ready For Saturday

Joanna Johnson will be in the store on Saturday signing her books. Freddie is so cute, Joanna sent him down and Twisted Angelina jumped right in the photo. She is happy to have someone her size hanging out at Serendipity. We will see you on Saturday from 11 to 12. It will be a fun filled day for sure.
I couldn't help but post a few photo's of this new linen yarn. Looking at the color choices makes me happy, happy, happy!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The View

Just snapped this photo of the view out my front window this morning--it is to be up in the 40's today, I love still wearing a wool sweater to work!! Speaking of wool sweaters--here is my Talullah for the wedding. It is not until the end of May but I wanted to get a good start just in case we have fitting issues.
Things that I am learning while making this project. I can (yes I can) sew beads on and have them all facing the outside. That took a bit of tink, tink, but I am pleased with the results. Oh, I also love this wool bamboo yarn. Lesson number 2-I can sew a sleeve in and have it look good. I think a little more blocking will be in order when the project is complete. So far so good, it is a good feeling when a knitted garment fits. Would you not agree? I have donated numerous items to people I love and even ones I don't know because the said item didn't fit me.Last days off were still about fiber! I met my dad at Terry and Annie's to visit their alpacas. Of course I brought home some fiber. I am hoping to spin some fingering weight to make a shawl. I am thankful for my dad, he does have a love for good fleeces and toted me around to sheep shows and wool festivals for years hoping some of his love would rub off on me. It took a few years but I have arrived.

Terry, Annie and Dad looking at this pretty little lady. I don't know if dad reads me blog, but there will be a surprise coming his way soon. Photo's to come of that plus Serendipity will have some of Annie's yarn and fiber in the future.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

To Sniff --Or Not to Sniff

Can you tell who is sniffing the Malabrigo--yep you guessed it, Twisted Angelina!! We just got in some new colors and she rooted her way right in to do some yarn sniffing. How they can get those colors amazes me. I just love looking at it.
Charity Knitters are growing in number as are all the baby items they are knitting for the Ronald McDonald house in Colorado Springs. Joan packed a big box of goodies to head that direction next time someone makes a trip to the Springs. Come join these ladies for a fun filled morning any Wednesday from 10 to 12.
Look what Debbie Tyber just won. She was the first to comment on our face book page about the yarn on Saint Pats day. After winning she and her husband wanted to get out of town so what better place to take a drive than Serendipity. Be watching for more goodies you can win also.

Monday, March 14, 2011

All About Robin

Robin brought in her swatch for the sweater today--I told her she should frame it. It is beautiful.
Lolita and her babies that are about 2 hours old
So what I'm working on now is spinning the fiber from Nebula, a CVM/Corriedale sheep who lives at Wildcraft Fiber Farm with my friend Jane. I've known Nebula for about a year now and I help take care of her and the rest of the sheep and chickens. Nebula was sheared in November and I've been cleaning, picking, carding, and spinning her fiber since then. I'm also preparing the fiber from our brown sheep Padma.

This will be the first time that I've gone from sheep to garment and it's exciting. But it's made more exciting because I take care of these sheep and really love them. I've got three skeins of Nebula's wool plied for a dk weight. I'm going to knit a cabled vest.

We're expanding our farm animals. March will bring 3 alpacas and a new ewe, Lolita with her two lambs. ( pictured above) We want to have some white fiber for dyeing.

I've also got....Hanne Falkenberg jacket, cashmere estonian lace scarf, top down sweater, teeny tiny lace scarf on 000's started and in various baskets.

Craftiness...I guess i don't think of it that way. I like to make things and I like to figure out how things are made. I've knit since I was about 7. I'm not a big sewer, but I've made outdoor gear for years and have always enjoyed figuring out how to make gear that keeps us warmer and booties, poagies, sea kayak gear, hoodies, just to name a few.

Other art forms...mostly I knit and spin. I spent many years making stained glass panels and lamps, but don't want to block any more views with any more pieces. And I've done beadwork. I keep wanting to knit beaded bags, but I just can't make myself string all those seed beads. I used to weave and I'm starting to think I'd like to get back into that. to skate and tele ski in the winter. In the summer, I ride my bike and paddle my duckie down the river. spend time with friends and family. listen to music. travel and camp. Love being a retired educator. Still keep my hand in it by being on the school board as I still care deeply about education and school reform. And I love being part of the Serendipity community both by working there one day a week and helping with some of the behind the scenes technology.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Three Young Chicks

Look how much fun we were having on Friday with these ladies from the front range. Serendipity has a truck load of new stuffed animals--come on in and see me favorite purple pony.
Great article in the Denver post about soldiers knitting in Afghanistan -

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rocky Mountain High

Twisted Angelina is high (sugar high that is) on these new sweet delights that are now in Serendipity. They are a Colorado product from the Hammond Candy in Denver. One Christmas I toured this factory and enjoyed every minute of the experience. There are a number of flavors and I always tuck one are two in a box when I mail it to California to our grandson. He loves them and I think his mom may have developed a fondness for them also. The colors are so beautiful.

Gayle (just one of the lovely ladies that work at our local library) stopped by to have a cup of coffee with us and purchased this new scarf. Joan and I just finished unpacking them, this one happens to be a 100% linen scarf. There are 4 different styles, I will have to wait until I put one in my pile to take home, you all need to see them first. :)

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

If you have butterfingers you can still knit

Tuesday nights we knit at Daughter's from 5 to 7 and some have been know to stay later. There are lots of chips and salsa and it is Taco Tuesday.
Jackie and Janet, Jackie is knitting her first sock and Janet just casted on some new Liberty Wool to make the ruffle scarf.
Bob joined us for a short while before taking his lovely bride home (Janet) and jokingly said butterfingers and knitting, hmmmmm, does that go together. It has been called Sip and Rip before. I have been know to rip out all my Tuesday night knitting because of enjoying friends and laughing so much I forgot where I was in the pattern. Come join us.

Monday, March 07, 2011

OCD??? Am I really???

Before you start let me just say--the baby shower for Tami's new granddaughter is in 6 days!! I wanted to give sweet little Georgia Grace a hand knit item and 8 days ago I had nothing on the needles. We finished putting out this yarn of Saturday but Friday night before leaving work I grabbed 3 balls and casted on while Mike and I watched a movie. Some of my knitting friends (maybe all of them) would agree with the above statement. I like to term in goal oriented knitting. I usually only knit on one item at a time and don't have many UFO's around. I do think I can finish her little sweater today, I love the "Nellie" pattern we have in the single patterns. It is top down so no seaming to finish up. I hope her mom likes it. It is fun to knit for babies for sure.
New cute at a cup cake bags in the store. Joan came up with the idea of clipping this to a purse and I purchased one right away. It holds my cell phone, some change, drivers licence, etc. Now I have a confession--I have been know to loose my keys for months and leave my cell phone at the local Mexican restaurant. Thanks Joan, now if you want to call me I can find the phone.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Drop Your Spindle??

Twisted Angelina attended Janet's Drop Spindle Class. She really got twisted up with all the soft, colorful fibers that Serendipity has on hand to practice her spinning.
Mary Jo and Janet working on spinning --Be watching our blog page and news letter for more classes offered by Janet. The spring class schedule will include some great spinning classes.
Wyatt and Sarah working up some fiber on their drop spindles.