Saturday, March 26, 2011

The View

Just snapped this photo of the view out my front window this morning--it is to be up in the 40's today, I love still wearing a wool sweater to work!! Speaking of wool sweaters--here is my Talullah for the wedding. It is not until the end of May but I wanted to get a good start just in case we have fitting issues.
Things that I am learning while making this project. I can (yes I can) sew beads on and have them all facing the outside. That took a bit of tink, tink, but I am pleased with the results. Oh, I also love this wool bamboo yarn. Lesson number 2-I can sew a sleeve in and have it look good. I think a little more blocking will be in order when the project is complete. So far so good, it is a good feeling when a knitted garment fits. Would you not agree? I have donated numerous items to people I love and even ones I don't know because the said item didn't fit me.Last days off were still about fiber! I met my dad at Terry and Annie's to visit their alpacas. Of course I brought home some fiber. I am hoping to spin some fingering weight to make a shawl. I am thankful for my dad, he does have a love for good fleeces and toted me around to sheep shows and wool festivals for years hoping some of his love would rub off on me. It took a few years but I have arrived.

Terry, Annie and Dad looking at this pretty little lady. I don't know if dad reads me blog, but there will be a surprise coming his way soon. Photo's to come of that plus Serendipity will have some of Annie's yarn and fiber in the future.

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