Monday, March 07, 2011

OCD??? Am I really???

Before you start let me just say--the baby shower for Tami's new granddaughter is in 6 days!! I wanted to give sweet little Georgia Grace a hand knit item and 8 days ago I had nothing on the needles. We finished putting out this yarn of Saturday but Friday night before leaving work I grabbed 3 balls and casted on while Mike and I watched a movie. Some of my knitting friends (maybe all of them) would agree with the above statement. I like to term in goal oriented knitting. I usually only knit on one item at a time and don't have many UFO's around. I do think I can finish her little sweater today, I love the "Nellie" pattern we have in the single patterns. It is top down so no seaming to finish up. I hope her mom likes it. It is fun to knit for babies for sure.
New cute at a cup cake bags in the store. Joan came up with the idea of clipping this to a purse and I purchased one right away. It holds my cell phone, some change, drivers licence, etc. Now I have a confession--I have been know to loose my keys for months and leave my cell phone at the local Mexican restaurant. Thanks Joan, now if you want to call me I can find the phone.

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