Monday, March 14, 2011

All About Robin

Robin brought in her swatch for the sweater today--I told her she should frame it. It is beautiful.
Lolita and her babies that are about 2 hours old
So what I'm working on now is spinning the fiber from Nebula, a CVM/Corriedale sheep who lives at Wildcraft Fiber Farm with my friend Jane. I've known Nebula for about a year now and I help take care of her and the rest of the sheep and chickens. Nebula was sheared in November and I've been cleaning, picking, carding, and spinning her fiber since then. I'm also preparing the fiber from our brown sheep Padma.

This will be the first time that I've gone from sheep to garment and it's exciting. But it's made more exciting because I take care of these sheep and really love them. I've got three skeins of Nebula's wool plied for a dk weight. I'm going to knit a cabled vest.

We're expanding our farm animals. March will bring 3 alpacas and a new ewe, Lolita with her two lambs. ( pictured above) We want to have some white fiber for dyeing.

I've also got....Hanne Falkenberg jacket, cashmere estonian lace scarf, top down sweater, teeny tiny lace scarf on 000's started and in various baskets.

Craftiness...I guess i don't think of it that way. I like to make things and I like to figure out how things are made. I've knit since I was about 7. I'm not a big sewer, but I've made outdoor gear for years and have always enjoyed figuring out how to make gear that keeps us warmer and booties, poagies, sea kayak gear, hoodies, just to name a few.

Other art forms...mostly I knit and spin. I spent many years making stained glass panels and lamps, but don't want to block any more views with any more pieces. And I've done beadwork. I keep wanting to knit beaded bags, but I just can't make myself string all those seed beads. I used to weave and I'm starting to think I'd like to get back into that. to skate and tele ski in the winter. In the summer, I ride my bike and paddle my duckie down the river. spend time with friends and family. listen to music. travel and camp. Love being a retired educator. Still keep my hand in it by being on the school board as I still care deeply about education and school reform. And I love being part of the Serendipity community both by working there one day a week and helping with some of the behind the scenes technology.

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