Monday, June 27, 2011

Finding Buttons

Harelita Bohrer from Ramah, Colorado came to find buttons for her latest knitted sweater. The color here does not do it justis at all. It is a rich beautiful purple and fits her like a glove. Not all of us learn to knit with a cable knit sweater as a first project but that is what Harelita did. In between being the post master in Simla Colorado she did find time to knit which is her passion and work in her yard. It has been brought to my attention that she is a amazing gardener. I wish she lived closer I would take a trip to see her flowers.
When Harelita was in Buena Vista her projects on the needles were a brown wool sweater, a lime green sweater, and a crochet table runner. I know that she went home with enough Liberty Wool to make a sweater which I just purchased also to knit the same sweater. I better get to knitting so that the next time Harelita and her husband come up (he is a fisherman) I will at least have more than a gauge swatch done.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Oh yes!! This is my job.

Felted Acorns
Ina Bernard from Pueblo Colorado was teaching needle felting booth right next to me. I may or may not of come home with some of her art. Ina is a delightful person and loves what she does. The felted acorns are cool for sure.
P.J. and Bonnie working the loom. at the Heart of Colorado Fiberarts Guild.
Yep, I get paid sometimes to spin in public, I am such a new spinner I was not sure I would be the best person for the job but I had so much fun. Thanks Tami for my afternoon in Salida.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

What is a M1L, Mikki????

Cathy and Carolin discovering how to make 1 Left. We were all working on the Day Break this evening--it was a great time for sure.
Our Day Break knitters, you can still come and join us.
These two are very quick learners!!
Val and Laura showing the team how the day break looks in the photo and on Laura.

Monday, June 20, 2011

It snowed on the mountain

Roxanna brought in some of her new crochet projects She picked up yarn for a baby blanket also. One of my problems working at Serendipity is that when people bring in projects I want to make one. This one included. We just checked in 50 bags of yarn that would work wonderfully for this project!!! It was so cold this morning I wish I had this to curl up under. Thanks for sharing Roxanna.

I put this in the mail for my good friend and sister in law this morning. It is Blue Sky Alpaca (50% alpaca & 50% silk) It was a dream to knit with and blocked out beautiful.

You never know who is going to wander in to Serendipity. Joan is helping Katie pick out some yarn. Katie is very good friends with my daughter in California. I loved meeting Katie and spending a little time with her. She fell in love with Colorado, maybe she will come back. We would love that.

Rita has taken off in her spinning. Here is her latest, she was in looking for a project to make with her yarn. We all thought a cowl would be the perfect knit for her new creation.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

this makes me SMILE

Maddie and her mom drove in from Omaha, NE and found our Jelly Cats. These four cute little guys went home with Maddie. She was so pleased to add them to her collection. We have some really adorable animals, I think maybe Addison will need another one when I go to visit next time.
This is our friend Linda, I have posted about her before. She is learning new techniques all the time with her knitting. Here is her latest, a head band for her daughter who is suffering an illness in a state far away from her mom. Linda will be gone for some time helping her child (they are always our child not matter how old they are). We helped Linda pick yarn and projects to give her something to keep her hands busy while at the hospital. I think by the end of the week mother and daughter will have matching head bands. Linda, all of us here at Serendipity will be missing you and thinking of you often.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Oh, to spin like Chery

There are some new colors of Madeline tosh in--we are doing a knit along with the Day Break starting on the 23rd of June. Come pick two colors of sock yarn and join us on the lawn. Lots of ladies are getting thier supplies to knit this project. I hope you can too.
Chery Allison and her husband Marvin, and sister Wendy stopped by . I want to spin like Chery when I grow up!! She learned to knit at 5 years old when her mom wanted to keep her little hands busy because there was a new baby in the house. Some of those first projects resembled a bird nest but she continued to knit because it was what her mom was doing.
4 years ago she taught herself to spin. She loves to create fingering and lace weight yarns. I hope my yarn will look like this some day. Chery's lace shawls and stranded sweaters are amazing. In the short time she was in the shop I learned lots-I wish I could take a class or two from her, she teaches knitting in her home town. As you can see her favorite color is turquoise, blue, and purple. She also likes dark green. Chery and Marvin were on their way to do one of her hobbies (besides knitting and spinning) camping out. They are going to Alaska. See you next time you are through Chery and Marvin. It was a delight to spend time with you.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Keep out those winter wool sweaters

Allie (wearing her newly knitted sweater) and Lara
Alli came down from Leadville to pick out some yarn for her next sweater. A good friend taught Alli to knit a hat while attending a meeting. She needed a project to make the meeting fly by like lots of knitters do. That was 5 years ago. Alli likes to create lots of knitted projects, this month it's sweaters but she loves to knit hats and socks also.

Her favorite colors are green and purple. Even without knowing it she will pick these two colors for projects. I think she went home with green and purple for her sweater!!

Alli is passionate about doing a community meal in Leadville 4 times a week. She loves preparing a colorful beautiful food for anyone who would like to attend. Creating a place for people to gather and enjoy eating a meal together is a talent of hers. Alli keeps busy with her first love-pottery which she has been doing for 8 years. Pottery is her favorite hobby but knitting keeps her sane.
Here is one reason you should not put away your wool items! My husband and I took a drive up to the top of Cotton Wood Pass--I wish I would of had a sweater. There is still lots of snow up there and it was chilly.

Friday, June 03, 2011

My weekend

Me and my two grandkido's. Keenan is swinging around in his suit in the backgroud.

I am back and had a great weekend. I wanted to post a couple photo's of my knitted jacket. It was such fun to get all dressed up. Knitting this project made me excited about knitting another sweater. The past three days have been spent thinking about what I want to start. I think it might be a Liberty Wool sweater. Any one have a suggestion, I am open.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

the Fleece & Fiber sourcebook

Deborah Robson stopped by one afternoon and she let us take a sneak peek at her new book after I commented on her cool shirt. The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook has more than 200 fibers from animal to spun yarns. This book is a great resource for knitters, crocheters, weavers, spinners, animal lovers, (those photo's are ones I just couldn't stop looking at) and the simply curious. Being a new spinner myself I found this book a must have for my library. Here is the way cool part, Deborah spun all the samples for the book. It took 4 years to finish this project and her hands are never idle, she is working on some new fiber goodness all the time. Tami will be getting a couple of these books soon, if you are interested give us a call and we can get some extra ones in.