Saturday, June 11, 2011

Oh, to spin like Chery

There are some new colors of Madeline tosh in--we are doing a knit along with the Day Break starting on the 23rd of June. Come pick two colors of sock yarn and join us on the lawn. Lots of ladies are getting thier supplies to knit this project. I hope you can too.
Chery Allison and her husband Marvin, and sister Wendy stopped by . I want to spin like Chery when I grow up!! She learned to knit at 5 years old when her mom wanted to keep her little hands busy because there was a new baby in the house. Some of those first projects resembled a bird nest but she continued to knit because it was what her mom was doing.
4 years ago she taught herself to spin. She loves to create fingering and lace weight yarns. I hope my yarn will look like this some day. Chery's lace shawls and stranded sweaters are amazing. In the short time she was in the shop I learned lots-I wish I could take a class or two from her, she teaches knitting in her home town. As you can see her favorite color is turquoise, blue, and purple. She also likes dark green. Chery and Marvin were on their way to do one of her hobbies (besides knitting and spinning) camping out. They are going to Alaska. See you next time you are through Chery and Marvin. It was a delight to spend time with you.


Chery said...

Mikki, you did take wonderful pictures of my handspun. I enjoyed visiting you when we stopped by the shop. See you next time.

Christine said...

What a lovely story & nice photo. I am lucky enough to get to spin with chery once in a while. She IS amazing!

Your shop is lovely and I will stop in for sure if I'm in the area. :)