Thursday, June 16, 2011

this makes me SMILE

Maddie and her mom drove in from Omaha, NE and found our Jelly Cats. These four cute little guys went home with Maddie. She was so pleased to add them to her collection. We have some really adorable animals, I think maybe Addison will need another one when I go to visit next time.
This is our friend Linda, I have posted about her before. She is learning new techniques all the time with her knitting. Here is her latest, a head band for her daughter who is suffering an illness in a state far away from her mom. Linda will be gone for some time helping her child (they are always our child not matter how old they are). We helped Linda pick yarn and projects to give her something to keep her hands busy while at the hospital. I think by the end of the week mother and daughter will have matching head bands. Linda, all of us here at Serendipity will be missing you and thinking of you often.

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