Monday, June 27, 2011

Finding Buttons

Harelita Bohrer from Ramah, Colorado came to find buttons for her latest knitted sweater. The color here does not do it justis at all. It is a rich beautiful purple and fits her like a glove. Not all of us learn to knit with a cable knit sweater as a first project but that is what Harelita did. In between being the post master in Simla Colorado she did find time to knit which is her passion and work in her yard. It has been brought to my attention that she is a amazing gardener. I wish she lived closer I would take a trip to see her flowers.
When Harelita was in Buena Vista her projects on the needles were a brown wool sweater, a lime green sweater, and a crochet table runner. I know that she went home with enough Liberty Wool to make a sweater which I just purchased also to knit the same sweater. I better get to knitting so that the next time Harelita and her husband come up (he is a fisherman) I will at least have more than a gauge swatch done.

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