Thursday, July 07, 2011

And she asks??? Mikki how are you doing on your sweater??

Harolita was in last week and asked---Mikki how are you doing on your sweater??? Well, I saved myself by at least having the sleeve cast on. :) Harolita purchased her yarn last time she was up looking for buttons and we are knitting this together.

My 4 brothers and sister would say I am little competitive and I can't help that having all those siblings. So I am knitting like a mad women after she came in. Her sweater is below, I better get with it. Let me just say this is a very fun knit and easy yarn to work with. Come in and check out my sweater.
I love that this style will fit all of us women, even me. See you soon.

Harolita" sweater, I hope to post photos of us both wearing them by the end of August. It is good to have a knitting goal.

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