Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Looking for a new project to knit

This is my design--I know I can't believe it either. I just cast on 6 stitches and started creating. Is it ok to say, I LOVE it. It is still damp but by morning I should be able to take it to the shop.
Now I am on the look out for a new pattern to knit until Aug. 1st when I start the KAL with WestKnits on Ravelry. Here are a few ideas of "What was I thinking?" knitting. Apparently they weren't.

At least I could see the customers in this one and stay warm when the cooler is blowing right on me :)

I would have to find the perfect orange shoes to pull this one off--oh by the way sir--do you have this in a size 11 women's?? I need them to go with my new sweater.

My fellow Serendipity Diva's would have to run the cash register because I would be to busy looking like a blue raspberry snow cone with really long legs. It might stop traffic on the street for sure. I think I will just pull out my sweater and keep working on that, what do you think??


calistalee said...

I about died laughing when I read this. You are hilarious, Mom. I say go for the orange one, it will go well with your skin tone better than the others.

Love your pattern! It looks fantastic!

Laura said...

your pattern is lovely; I can't recommend the other photos though ... you might be taken to a psych ward and have to talk your way out ...; stick to the sweater ... :) Laura