Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I heart knitting and teaching knitting

Lauren from Greenville, SC and Pam from Nashville, NC came in for knitting lessons today. I thought it was so special that Pam would take a lesson with her daughter in-law and they made a memory here at Serendipity. It was a delight to teach them and I look forward to hearing from them as they come yearly on vacation to our mountains. I will be headed out tomorrow after work with Keenan and his mom to take care of Addison. (these are our grand kids) Once again I will be gone from the store until next week--thanks to all you Serendipity Diva's for covering for me. Oh, if you see this Papa wandering the streets of Buena Vista buy him supper. LOL He will be alone for a few days.

I hope Addison enjoys her stay with us as much as know I am going to. We will see if she sleeps like a baby being away from her parents for the first time. Wish me luck. I will be knitting on my sweater while away. Maybe I can post some progress photos. Catch you all next week sometime.


Straight Shooter said...
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Lauren said...

Hello, Mikki! Thanks again for taking the time to teach me how to knit last week! I had a wonderful time and you were a gracious teacher. I'm SUPER excited to expand my new skills. I'm determined to get it! :) I already miss my visits to your shop in Buena Vista. We have a yarn shop here, but you all have a far better selection at Serendipity. I guess we'll have to see you next summer! :)