Monday, November 19, 2012

Introducing the New Serendipity Owners!

Curious about the new owner's of Serendipity? Look no further!

Sheryl and Frank Campbell have lived in Buena Vista for 4 years now. Before that they lived in Aurora, Colorado and had a shop called the Thistle and Shamrock in Denver. The Campbells ran the store in its DTC location for 9 years before deciding it was time to take the business solely to the internet and trade the busy city lifestyle for a quieter and much more scenic life in BV! T&S can be found online and still specializes in Irish woolens, Scottish Kilts and accessories and family tartans. How did they get into such a niche business you ask? Funny story.

20 years ago Sheryl worked for National Jewish Hospital in Denver as an Electron Microscopist. Frank was a geologist for Equity Oil Company. Both felt that they wanted to get out of the corporate world and when their friends, Jim and Sandy MacDonald, said they were selling their shop the Campbells knew this was the opportunity they had been looking for. They learned the business and what it really means to run a "Mom and Pop" shop as their two children frequently came to work with them on weekends. Becky and Ryan started out playing in the back room under the counter and grew up to be young Christmas gift wrappers for customers and eventually shop staff as well.

When the Campbells moved to BV they were looking for some activities to do in their new found free time. They came across Serendipity where Sheryl started to take some knitting and spinning classes and Frank became the only male spinner to attend the monthly spinning group regularly. They also help their neighbor, Karen Woolley, with her alpaca ranch. From Karen's award winning alpaca, Delta, Sheryl recently entered a skein of yarn she spun for the Taos Wool Market and won third place!

When the Campbells found out that the Yingers would be selling Serendipity they wondered if this was their new calling. Between their own love of the store and the knowledge of what the store means to the local community along with their experience running their own small business in the past they decided to pursue the purchase of Serendipity. Now that the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed they are excited to open Serendipity back up on December 1st!

Buena Vista will be hosting the Christmas Opening festivities on December 1st and the Campbells thought this would be the perfect day to reopen Serendipity! Please come out for the BV Christmas Opening festivities and come on down to participate in the Chocolate Walk here at Serendipity where you’ll find all the wonderful yarns and new gifts for the holidays. As if you need any more motivation to come on by, we thought we'd also let you  know that you'll get the chance to meet the new Basset-in-Residence, Bonnie Jean. She has experience working the floor at Thistle & Shamrock and is up to the task of being the official Serendipity greeter and babysitter for little ones as needed!

We hope to see you all December 1st!