Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Noro Aurora cardigan
OK - how fun is this yarn - just enougn sparkle - just enough color - what more could a girl want?

Madly working on getting out the newsletter. Jessie has done an amazing job of putting together our first one! Hopefully it will go out this week - maybe Sat :) So many addresses to enter, so much news to report...... Patti is writing patterns for Mountain Colors..........more classes yarns arriving - Noro, Classic Elite, Rowan, Tahki, Muench (more colors in Touch Me), more colors in Lonesome Stone.........I could go on..........
If I don't have your address - email me at
Also add your birthdate if you want to join the birthday club

BTW did you notice the knitting on Grey's Anatomy? Therapy, dexterity, just so cool. Of course - a sweater in just one day? come on - even Patti can't do that

Woohoo! I have been finishing projects that have been hanging around for quite a long time! Last night I completed the Mountain Colors vest that I started about 2 years ago.......... First I didn't mix the 2 skeins I needed so when the first ran out they didn't really match up so - ripping out happened, then I got halfway up one side & realized I hadn't decreased after the ribbing - more ripping out (this was my disasters in knitting phase). Then I started planning the store & couldn't get a Mountain Colors account. No more motivation was left. 'Then' I got an account late last fall & have been carrying this project around in my bag since. Wedding, Christmas, surgery and taxes later I have finally finished it. I do feel a sense of accomplishment. Now onto bigger & better projects. Finshing a Noro Hannah Moss Stitch Cardigan in the Aurora that just came in to the store last week and maybe another Noro project - Susan - the wrapover in the same Noro book. It is definitely snowing here today so I can justify more projects in wool.

Wow! It's been an amazing year! We had our one year anniversary party last Sat - April Fools Day, of course! It was quite a celebration - with champagne, snacks, sales, & lots of friends dropping by. I have the best customers in the world! We are looking forward to more fun, projects, classes, gifts, and great community in the years to come.