Thursday, April 06, 2006

Woohoo! I have been finishing projects that have been hanging around for quite a long time! Last night I completed the Mountain Colors vest that I started about 2 years ago.......... First I didn't mix the 2 skeins I needed so when the first ran out they didn't really match up so - ripping out happened, then I got halfway up one side & realized I hadn't decreased after the ribbing - more ripping out (this was my disasters in knitting phase). Then I started planning the store & couldn't get a Mountain Colors account. No more motivation was left. 'Then' I got an account late last fall & have been carrying this project around in my bag since. Wedding, Christmas, surgery and taxes later I have finally finished it. I do feel a sense of accomplishment. Now onto bigger & better projects. Finshing a Noro Hannah Moss Stitch Cardigan in the Aurora that just came in to the store last week and maybe another Noro project - Susan - the wrapover in the same Noro book. It is definitely snowing here today so I can justify more projects in wool.

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Lindy said...

Hi Tami, What a beautiful vest. Are you going to be open over Memorial Day weekend? I used to live in Salida and now live in AZ but am planning to get to Salida for just 2 days over that weekend and would like to visit your shop if you are going to be open.