Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jelly Cat anyone??

Addi loves her lamb--every night she reclines and has a big drink on milk using her little lamb as a pillow.  They are the perfect gift for any new baby.   I am a sucker for any cute little animals for my grandkidos.  Can you tell?????

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Downton Abbey vs Starwars

 I wanted to wait to blog about my R2D2 knitting adventure--you had to see the photo's of Keenan (our grandson) wearing it.  He has been asking for this hat almost every time I talk to him on the phone.  I promised I would make one for him at Christmas.  I am not the best color work knitter but making all those mittens has helped.  So I just dove into the cotton yarns (K can't wear wool) at Serendipity hoping to find a color that is close enough to R2D2.  I must of passed that test because he didn't call me back saying R2D2 was never that color Nana!!  I have themed this year  "knitting for others"  and let me tell you I love it.  As you can see Keenan is very happy with hat.
I have never been in a Knitting Swap before but I was in the right place at the right time to be picked as one of the 52 people to be in The Downton Abbey Swap.  I did my home work this morning looking for Edwardian/ Victorian patterns.   I  found my knitted mitten and bracelet pattern.  I scored as it is the original pattern from a book published in  1880.  Now the terms will take me a bit to understand.  It has some color work and there is no chart.  Wish me luck.  I chose this picture because I just love the head butler Mr. Carson and William.   Who is your favorite?  I can tell you who I don't like but I will let you guess. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Felt That Bag Ladies

Robin and her students for the felted bag class--these ladies knit their bags in one week.  Way to go ladies.  It was so fun to have you all in the shop.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Do you knit mittens????

Here are my February mittens--Robin would say technically these are not mittens but I love fingerless mitts.  This Lucy's  Sheep Camp was a dream to knit with and will hold up for years.  Billie Jo has agreed to be a part of our "Taste of the West" club.  Be watching for that. 
The best part of me knitting 12 pair of mittens in 12 months is that I am going to have 12 wonderful gifts to give away next Christmas.  Want to join me in knitting some mittens???  They are a quick knit and really a fun project with all the yarns we have at Serendipity!!  Come join Robin and myself.