Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Spin Fest

Pat became interested in knitting when on her way to the library (she was in the 8th grade) she noticed some ladies doing their craft in a knit shop. She poked her head in and boldly asked??? What are you all doing? I am surprised she still knits--her first project was argyle socks for her father who used them to cover his golf clubs!!

Pat like to create anything with fiber using some of her favorite color, mauve's and blues. She loves to read and is an avid quilter. Pat is an amazing lady, she quilts, knits and also likes to paint. She just finished up these pink socks--look for her around BV, she will be styling in all her hand knit socks she has been crankin out.
Nancy, Karen and Jan stopped by earlier this summer to shop and let us know about the summer spin fest. Gather up your fiber, wheel, show and tell, some lunch and a coffee cup and meet me over in Divide. There will be a market and lots of spinning going on. I am looking forward to a fun day with these ladies. See you there, it starts at 9:30 and is right off Hwy 24.

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