Friday, August 05, 2011

Knitting Goodness

Toni finished her shawl--Allot of our knitters have made this shawl and we all think it is worth knitting . I am having trouble keeping the book in stock because people love it so much.

These two fine ladies were spending some time here in Buena Vista and they purchased wool early in the week and then came in just before going home to show us their projects. Liberty wool makes such fun stripes and the bottom purple is the Weekend yarn. It was so much fun to see the progress and how much fun they were having knitting.

These were my purchases for the KAL mystery shawl with Stephen West. I have the first nugget clue done and am waiting for 5:30 Monday morning to get the next one. I don't get to post any photo's of it on here until it is finished. It is going to be an experience for me to knit something I don't know the outcome of the project. Some people might say I have a control issue :) Robin, Tami, and Kathy are joining along, I don't think it is to late to get your sock yarn and join us.

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