Saturday, August 13, 2011

Liberty is a good thing

We knit every Friday morning at the Roastery (in October the addition with be done so we can meet outside) and knit for an hour or so. Val has been knitting with us for a while now and I have been doing a happy dance for her. After trying a few projects and getting discouraged she came to me and said, " Mikki I want to do the Potato Chip Scarf". I was thrilled the day she brought in her scarf and Val continues to knit right along. Thanks Val for your persistence in learning a new skill. I can't wait to see her wearing it around BV soon. I will post more photos.

After admiring Val's work I looked around the table and found all three of us were knitting with Liberty Wool so I just had to take a photo. I am working on a sweater, Val and Joan are doing Potato Chip Scarves. I plan to knit~knit~knit on this sweater so I can have it done by September 9th. Judy Pearce brings a group of ladies up a couple times a year from the Denver area and they have this amazing show and tell. If I keep at it maybe my sweater could participate in show and tell. :)

Project finished-my hand spun in a Seaweed Scarf. Knitting with hand spun is great. I have some more fiber on the wheel and hope to have enough to make another shawl.


Chery said...

Mikki, nice shawl.

Judy said...

Can't wait tosee your project!