Monday, June 06, 2011

Keep out those winter wool sweaters

Allie (wearing her newly knitted sweater) and Lara
Alli came down from Leadville to pick out some yarn for her next sweater. A good friend taught Alli to knit a hat while attending a meeting. She needed a project to make the meeting fly by like lots of knitters do. That was 5 years ago. Alli likes to create lots of knitted projects, this month it's sweaters but she loves to knit hats and socks also.

Her favorite colors are green and purple. Even without knowing it she will pick these two colors for projects. I think she went home with green and purple for her sweater!!

Alli is passionate about doing a community meal in Leadville 4 times a week. She loves preparing a colorful beautiful food for anyone who would like to attend. Creating a place for people to gather and enjoy eating a meal together is a talent of hers. Alli keeps busy with her first love-pottery which she has been doing for 8 years. Pottery is her favorite hobby but knitting keeps her sane.
Here is one reason you should not put away your wool items! My husband and I took a drive up to the top of Cotton Wood Pass--I wish I would of had a sweater. There is still lots of snow up there and it was chilly.

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