Saturday, March 19, 2011

To Sniff --Or Not to Sniff

Can you tell who is sniffing the Malabrigo--yep you guessed it, Twisted Angelina!! We just got in some new colors and she rooted her way right in to do some yarn sniffing. How they can get those colors amazes me. I just love looking at it.
Charity Knitters are growing in number as are all the baby items they are knitting for the Ronald McDonald house in Colorado Springs. Joan packed a big box of goodies to head that direction next time someone makes a trip to the Springs. Come join these ladies for a fun filled morning any Wednesday from 10 to 12.
Look what Debbie Tyber just won. She was the first to comment on our face book page about the yarn on Saint Pats day. After winning she and her husband wanted to get out of town so what better place to take a drive than Serendipity. Be watching for more goodies you can win also.

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calistalee said...

I couldn't even see Angelina in there!