Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rocky Mountain High

Twisted Angelina is high (sugar high that is) on these new sweet delights that are now in Serendipity. They are a Colorado product from the Hammond Candy in Denver. One Christmas I toured this factory and enjoyed every minute of the experience. There are a number of flavors and I always tuck one are two in a box when I mail it to California to our grandson. He loves them and I think his mom may have developed a fondness for them also. The colors are so beautiful.

Gayle (just one of the lovely ladies that work at our local library) stopped by to have a cup of coffee with us and purchased this new scarf. Joan and I just finished unpacking them, this one happens to be a 100% linen scarf. There are 4 different styles, I will have to wait until I put one in my pile to take home, you all need to see them first. :)

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