Thursday, February 24, 2011

She Said--I think I could use a class

After Twisted Angelina's first try at knitting she decided she should move on to a new department until she had further instruction. She pushed her way past all the boxes that engulfed Tami's office to assist in unpacking some new fun note pads. After Tami's finished her computer work they were ready for Joan to put out for all of you to see. From atop the pile of boxes Twisted Angelina was giving Tami encouragement to hurry up so the three very large boxes of new yarn could be put out as soon as possible. Tami will be up half the night getting all the yarns entered and Mikki and Joan will be busting it up and down the stairs so you all can have some new yarns to look at. Come in and see our progress.
This is Twisted Angelina's first attempt at making a mobius out of the new Malabrigo chunky yarn that just arrived. As you can see like some first time knitters she was not at all relaxed and had yarn tangled, needles thrown around, and some stitches that didn't really look like the instructors. With a little encouragement she as signed up for some of our upcoming classes that will be offered very soon. If you would like to take a class with TA be watching our web sight and news letters. We have some really great instructors with lots of knowledge to assist you in learning a new technique.
Here is the mobius I knit in one night of TV watching. There will be a class and I am sweet talking Twisted into getting her needles and yarn and give it one more try. Hope to see some of you there also.


clare elise butler said...

You are seriously so much fun.
Moebius here I come!
Love & smiles!

Anonymous said...

That is a great moebius! I love the colors!