Friday, December 02, 2011

Get it on the needles

My Recess for Grownups Mittens
  I tell my students you can't learn to knit until you get it on the needles and give it a try.  I have taken my own advice and started the color work mittens that Annie designed.  Check out her new group on Ravelry.
 After ripping out twice,( I tried double points, that didn't work for me and the second time I ripped I forgot how to count to 68) I managed to get started.  Now it is after 10 at night and I could stay us till midnight knitting on these.  I can't wait to get to the color work part.  I am hoping some of the knitters at Serendipity will want to join me in this project.  We have some very talented knitters that come on Saturday mornings and they know way more about color work than I do.  My first problem is I don't really know how to read the pattern but I am willing to try and figure it out as I go.  All those colored blocks in the shape of a mitten, how do I know where to change from the palm to the back.  I am in hopes magic loop is going to help with that.  I will be getting out a few Ann Budd books tonight for my bed time stories.  Any way I am excited to learn something new in 2012.  I have been wanting to become comfortable with color work for 3 years now, it is high time I get started.  More pictures to come and progress reports.
I have one of these done--they are out of my hand spun.  We are doing lots more spinning at Serendipity and  have some wonderful new colors of roving in.  I hope some of you will come spin with us when you can.  I better get to bed, there will lots of people coming in for the Buena Vista Chocolate Walk all day tomorrow.  It is fun day in our little town plus we have some delicious fudge awaiting any one who comes in the store.  Hope to see some of you for knitting and fudge.

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