Saturday, May 19, 2012

Good Coffee-Ann Budd-and a blue spruce

How I am starting my day!!  A great cup of coffee and the excitement of Ann Budd being in town.  She is teaching her sock class at Serendipity this morning. 

Thanks to my friend Lucy-she just returned from her country and look what I was gifted.  Oh is that a little bit of the Taste of the West for June sticking out--I am casting my Raindrops and Roses shawl on today with that yarn.  :)

Here is my Blue Spruce pattern.  I am having a go at designing again.  I knitted this once with just a few notes--now to knit it again and write down every step of the way.  That is if anyone would like to have a "Blue Spruce" of their own.  It would be fun to do a KAL this fall with all of you.

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Chery said...

Neat shawl, Mikki.