Monday, September 29, 2014

Spinzilla! A Monster Event

SPINZILLA begins in just 7 days.  Our Team Serendipity Spinners are busily preparing their fiber and tuning up their spinning wheels or spindles.  We have 20 fabulous spinners raising money for the National Needle Arts Mentoring Program.  Oh wait we have one additional member......please meet
our mascot    Ewe-jean  .    Ewe-jean came to live at Serendipity Yarn & Gifts about 1 1/2 yrs ago.
Someone anonymously left Ewe-jean on the store's door step.  They knew we have two rescue Basset Hounds and thought we wouldn't mind rescuing a lost sheep.  She faithfully guards our store
and the dogs know she is not a chew toy.  Small children are encouraged to carry her around and love her.  She has now been recruited to be Team Serendipity Spinners Mascot.  To celebrate her new position Sue crochet her a hat and scarf.  Stunning!


Jan McGrath said...

Ewe-Jean is soooo adorable. OK, Sheryl asked us to introduce ourselves, I am Jan McGrath from Topeka, KS. I have been spinning since 2/1/2014 and I am really excited to work on my stash next week. I am spending the next 4 days at Yarn School in Harveyville, KS and will extend my spinning to join you all. I work as a Database Administrator during the day so my spinning will be in the evenings. Hello Everyone, I would love to know others on this team.

Jamie T said...

Hello everyone! Since Sheryl asked for introductions I too will introduce myself, especially since I won't spinning with the group due to the fact that I am in Littleton, CO. I am Jamie Thomas, and a brand spanking new drop spindler. I learned how right after the Salida Fiber Festival so I am still making very lump bumpy "ugly" yarn. But I figured why nit use Spinzilla to motivate me to keep on learning? Good luck all racing through all your fabulous fiber!

Anonymous said...

I'm Kris Jaeger. I also will not be spinning with the group since I live in Colorado Springs. I've been spinning off and on for about 25 years. More on in the last 15. I've been going to a lot of fiber festivals and events so Spinzilla is a great excuse to ignore the house work and just spin it all up so I can make stuff for winter. Instead of sitting at home and spinning, I've been visiting a different shop every day and spinning there (with their permission). It's been a great way to get to know new people and interest them in spinning. I'm posting my locations and what I've spun on my Facebook page at