Saturday, October 04, 2014

Serendipity Spinners:
Thanks Sondra for posting your Bio!
The final roster has posted and we are a complete team with 20 spinners registered.  Now the fun begins!!!!

There are several items I want to make sure you are aware of......There is a picture contest sponsored by  Spinzilla.  Check out all the details at  You can also e-mail me pictures and I will post them on the Serendipity Blog and on our Pinterest Board.

Serendipity is a Schacht vendor so we are part of the Schacht competition to spin the most yardage and win a Sidekick Spinning Wheel.  If we win the wheel will go to someone on our team!  

Ravelry is a great place for all of you to chat so log on to the Serendipityyarn page and have fun with each other.  

Remember, you are credited for singles and plied yarn.  Check out measuring on the FAQ page at  I will review measuring and submitting results tomorrow on this blog.

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