Monday, April 11, 2011

Why Do You Knit?

I just wanted to let you know we have lots of signed copies of Joanna Johnson's books in the store. She was so nice to leave some with us.

I finished my wedding jacket!! And yes it fits--I love it. I will hang it in the shop for a few weeks. I really can't believe how well it turned out and I only had about 10 feet of yarn left over. That is way to close for comfort I would say. Photo's below:

Why I knit :). After I finished the jacket much time was spent thinking about what to make next. Joanna had on the Citron shawl which is in Knitty winter 2009. Over 6500 people have knit this cute shawl. I have casted it on in some mini mochi and can't sleep at night because I want to see what the next color will look like. I am loving knitting it and take a look at my new bag----we just got them in and I had to bring one home with my project tucked safely in side.
Look at my Citron Shawl, it is really a fun knit and you beginners can join in. I can get you started with some very fun yarns. I also have the cast on's after the Denver knitters were here. This knitter still is only knitting one project at a time so I will have to wait to start the Maude by Julie Weisenberger. What kind of knitter are you???? I would love to see a comment or two on our blog.

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calistalee said...

Your jacket is beautiful! I can't wait to see you in it!