Friday, January 13, 2012

Knitting for others

 I have been asked to knit a hat for this young man.  He rides for and for a big guy can really peddle that bike.  I watched him ride here in Buena Vista this year.  Sometimes I will even drive to Denver to ring my cowbell, that is if I am not handing off water bottles to his team, and cheer his team on.
 When he crashes all 6 foot 5" of him can make a very large splash.  He is my baby brother, if you ever get a chance to watch the Frites En Mayo Team ride it is a blast. 
Here is his hat so far.  It has to be the Belgian Flag colors.  He is very excited--I am not sure I will be knitting hats for the whole team  :)  I am really loving stranded knitting!!

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Anonymous said...

I love this - Can't wait to see how the beanie turns out. I'm certain Uncle will like it!