Monday, December 10, 2007

Snow Storm Knitting

Hello, my name is Mikki and I work at the yarn store part time. I love teaching everyone about the art of knitting. One of the classes I teach happens to be sock or beginning knitting on Sundays and I also teach the private lessons. Be watching as we are going to knit some great fingerless gloves out of Louise Harding's Grace yarn in one of my Sunday classes. If you are in the store stop by and view them. Last time I looked they were still on the counter. I am designing patterns for the Sock of the Every other Month Club. We are having a great time knitting our socks off and would love to have new members, you can join at any time. Mike and Max were so good to dig me out so I could make it down to my favorite hang out to teach a couple great ladies this weekend. More snow is on the way--WOW

Here is our latest Sock of the Every Other Month Club. I am loving knitting them up and to all of you who are members prepare to feel like dancing when you wear these beauties.

My mom and I knitted all these hats for her Grandchildren and great grandson. There is always a wide variety of yarn and patterns to pick from at the shop. Come down some Sunday and I would love to assist you in picking out some yarn for a new project or teaching you to knit. These wonderful ladies were my latest group to become addicted to the needles.

Sorry about the placement of the photos, after 3 hours on the computer I just gave up and will ask Robin next time we are together at Serendipity.


Calista said...

Hi Mom! I love your post :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello! From a friend of your daughter ... :-D

Eddie Louise said...

Hi Mikki!

Welcome to the Blog-o-sphere!! I love the knitting. Don't have much time for that sort of thing myself just now, but I live vicariously through my Mother-In-Law and others like yourself that share your amazing talents and creations!

Wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas!

Your Cuz

Life Info Zone said...

Woow Tat's gr8 buddy!! I love it:-)
keep up the work.

Lourine said...

Good words.