Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mittens Accomplished

I have discovered I like blogging about knitting just about as much as I love knitting!! My first ever book on knitting was The Knitter's handy book of Patterns by Ann Budd. I just have to say that I have used this book over and over. My friend Marilyn King pointed me to it when I started designing socks. It is a must have for me--Tami just received a new supply so check them out. My mom, you may know her as Gram, just finished her first mitten using this book. I have the honor of knitting the men's mittens for my good friend Dave. (we hope he likes the Bronco's) So as you can see there are an assortment of sizes all packaged into one great book. Have a great holiday. Mikki Martin


Calista said...

Uh oh...she's addicted to blogging Tami - be careful what you've created :)

Tami's Blog said...

Just wait till she starts keeping track of how much time she spends. :) We've created a monster but we love her just like she is!

Calista said...

I know :) She's awesome, huh? When I'm home, she wants to make her own blog and I get to help her with that :) Yay!