Thursday, October 13, 2011

We have bees in our bonnets

 Last night just before closing a gal came in wanting to knit something quick for her grandchildren.  Needless to say Joan and I got caught up in the frenzy!  We said  "Let's knit some hat for our grandchildren too."  Joan got the short end of the stick as she has a few more grandchildren than I.  One of mine can't wear wool or other fibers.  Don't worry he will get his goodies in a package--it is orange also but in the shape of a Hot Wheel car.
Joan can knock out hats quicker than anyone I know.  She has her new grandson's finished and I am sure will have the other boys done by the am.  They are so much fun to knit we think we will do our next workshop on a snowman hat.  Keep that in mind.  I will kit it up so you will have all the supplies,  be looking for dates and your kits.  This was so much fun.  Addi will look cute as ever,  I think I even want one.
 Here is another quick knit.  It's she just the cutest little hippo.  Sue also knit her up in one night and maybe part of another day.  Sue is a very fast knitter, this little lady makes me want to cast on a animal.  Hmmmmm, that might be a good way to use up some ends of skeins.  Any one want to join me in knitting a little animal a month.  It could be fun.


Laura said...

Mikki- I'm a little old for a pink & purple hippo. Laura

Mikki said...

But you would look oh so cute in a pumpkin hat :)