Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gifts for the wee ones

My "candy corn" alpaca goodness!!
I used to say "Why would I ever spin when I can just buy the yarn". I have changed my tune as of two days ago. We have moved items all around the store and with the assistance of Janet we put together two spinning wheels. Janet tried this Ashford Traveler out and gave me a quick lesson. Let me tell you I am laying awake at night thinking about my new love. It is so much fun I go to work early and stay late to get to spin a bit. Come by and try one of these wheels. Be watching for the time and date-- we are going to start spinning at the store one night a month.
Bobbie, Joan and Maggie have been knitting up hats for the babies. This is our charity knitting group that meets Wed. mornings. We would like for you to join in their mission of love for the Ronald McDonald House in Colorado Springs.
Maybe we will see you there next week, the coffee will be on.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy! You will love spinning your own mix of colors and textures, Joan! Nancy L