Sunday, January 02, 2011

Hand Made gifts for others

During this season of giving we were blessed to see the hearts of such loving people in our community. This crocheted vest was made for her son. It is such a pleasure for me to assist people in finding the perfect yarn for their gifts of love.
Hats for the NNICU

Carol needed a little help getting started on the magic loop so she could knit her hats for the neo natal intensive care unit. Large hospitals that deliver many babies are such good places to send these hats. You can use up some of your scrap yarn. We are still knitting for charities on Wed. mornings at the shop so come in and lets make some of these little hats. Serendipity will be collecting items for charity all through out the year, we would love to spend time around the table sharing conversation and knitting for a cause with any of you this coming year.

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Tami said...

Wow - I didn't get to see that vest - It is beautiful! Isn't it fun to knit with someone special in mind?