Monday, January 03, 2011

My Heritage

My Grandby, Ida Mae Schnieider, handed down a tradition to this granddaughter I am very thankful for. Grandby saved her egg and milk money to purchase this book. I don't remember her knitting very much but she did all sorts of other hand crafts. She was a crocheter with thread and tatted beautiful lace. I still have some pillows with her work on them. I wasn't interested in tatting (now I wish I would of paid more attention) but she taught me to crochet, quilt, and embroidery. My mom took time to teach me to sew and knit plus to make a meal that my someday family would enjoy eatting.

Here is my new sock book. Thanks once again Tami for this gift!! I will be casting on some socks very soon. These will be a gift of love for sure. I am looking forward to gaining knowledge of my skill by the study of knitting some of these socks. There is a person in Alaska that just got married that would love to wear a pair I think.

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