Saturday, October 02, 2010

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Finished knit # 2 out of my Whimsical Little Knits book. Now I am planning # 3 which will be the Ishbel. Ishbel is a simple ( I love that it says simple) shawl pattern that can be worked in two sizes. I only have 430 yards of Prism Saki in the Harvest color way. Mine will have to be the smaller size.
We started the knit a long with Laura Deer today-most of our Saturday morning knitters were at the wool festival or out of town. Come next Saturday ready to begin her fun knit. Laura has patterns at Serendipity if you would like to join, it is never to late.

Here is knit number two and the only type of mouse that doesn't send me running for the first available chair to jump on. Tami was so kind to let me have some yarn out of her stash in the office. This mousie is out of cashmere!! He will be heading to Seaside, CA to spend the remainder of his days with Keenan (our grandson) This was a fun little knit, what I learned---that I can knit on small needles and pick up stitches for his I-cord limbs and alert ears. Come see him and lets give him a name before he takes his airplane ride to CA.

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calistalee said...

He's cute!!! Keenan will love him!