Saturday, October 16, 2010

To Lace Knit or NOT to Lace Knit

Laura is helping ladies at Serendipity with this lace knit along. As I talked her into designing a pattern and getting people excited about lace knitting on Saturday mornings I knew I better get going on my knit along.

So first I picked out my favorite color of yarn, its lace weight by Spud and Chloe. That part was easy, then I cast on the recommended 53 stitches on some size five wooden needles. There might of been my first mistake, I ripped that out twice, the first time because my stitches were not adding up, second time was because the fabric I was creating was way to loopy. I must of been loopy when I picked up size 5's. That gave me a new excuse to buy a pair of the square needles all the sock knitters in the store have been raving about. So with a shining new pair of size 3's (which I LOVE) I once again cast on the recommended 53 stitches. It is foggy how many times I have ripped back and unknitted-I think I might of even said some inappropriate words a few times. I so want to be a lace knitter like Laura, Cathy, Mary Beth, and all the Saturday morning knitters. I have set a goal to become better at lace and I will preserver. Wish me luck and you can always ask to see it when you drop by the store. That way I will keep at it so it won't be the same size every time you come in :). Keep knitting
Your knitting (maybe lace) Buddy


BlondiKnits said...

Mikki, I love your yarn color! Turquoise is the color of the year for 2010, according to Pantone, the color people. Can't wait to see the finished product -- can I knit along from a distance?

Mikki said...

I am sure Laura woudl love for you to join us in her knit a long. Let me know and I can get a copy of the pattern to you for sure. I was able to knit some today and did not have to pitch a fit and tear it out. LOL

calistalee said...

I love that color! You should use that scarf when you're done - that color is so pretty on you.

Laura said...


I am delighted w/ your bravery! As - that is what is required - whenever we learn something new. I will stop by and check out your progress. Looks LOVELY!


Mikki said...

Laura, I am working at it and it is looking pretty good if I do say so myself. Should be ready to tackle the next project and make it a bit harder please. You have any patterns you want me to try "oh, great lace queen"